My New YouTube Channel Mike’s Kitchen Stories will debut on January 2017.  Not only will I be sharing stories off my blog,  but from the actual locations where I grew up throughout my childhood.  That includes the projects on the Westside in New York City where I lived in poverty as a little boy, to the very orphanage home called St. Michael’s, where I was placed at the age of 5/6 years old.

I will also tell stories right from the very foster home where I became a victim of Child Abuse by the hands of my foster father that lasted over seven years.  So much has happened to me throughout my teen years that I yet to talk about, including living homeless from sixteen years old till becoming a husband and father at the young age of twenty-one.

The stories I will be talking about are all true and can never be disputed.  Although there are members of that foster family who like to believe my stories are false, had yet prove that they never happened. It isn’t my intentions to cause any more personal family conflicts within their own family, like it has when I first started my blog back in 2014, but I really don’t care anymore.

But lets put it out there once and for all.  It’s not like anyone of them gave a shit or show any concern when I left that house at sixteen nor asked how I was doing when I was gone.  I’m fine with that. I will admit, it bothered me for many years, but I got over it once I started releasing the poison that lived inside me most my adult life when I started sharing my stories three years ago through my blog.

I will not only be just reliving my shitty broken childhood all over again, but my the life I live o day and the many struggles my wife and I went through before our lives changed forever back in 1993 when I became a Police Officer. It will be a combination of my personal diary with a touch of reality show combined. 

My daughter’s and their friends all say we should place a camera of  just during our holiday dinners at the table alone, not to mention, the constant banter (not to be confused with bickering),  between my wife and I. Lets be real here. The shows that are on today are not truly reality but scripted with drama to keep its viewers glued to the boob tube. 

How many times have you watched a reality show that a moment is so ridiculous that even you  have said…”That was Planned”.  My channel will be real as real can get. Nothing will be planned when filming starts.  My family and I are Looking forward for January 2017….I hope you are as well. Happy Holiday from my Family to Yours!

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