When my three  young grandson Christopher, Mikey and Brody comes over my house, I brace myself for another round of smiles and amazement. Mikey, the two-year old, loves to sing. My other grandson Christopher who’s four,  loves to dance… I mean he can really shake his  little tail feather…and Brody, well he’s the new edition to the family, he’s only 9 months, but his talent is SMILING.

Christopher loves to dance to a song called Gangnam Style, and you can find him  all over the living room floor dancing up a storm while the song plays in the background on the iPad. His cousin Mikey tries to imitate him, but he can’t catch up with the moves Christopher displays. I even have it on video, and all I can say is you really have to see it to believe it.

I even thought about putting it on YouTube, but I guess some things are left for just my eyes only…considering he was dancing for me. Mikey loves to walk around throughout the house singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Now, he doesn’t say all the words but he sure can hold a note unlike his grandmother…shhhh, I will deny it if anyone reading rats me out 🙂

Now Brody, the baby of the three, has his own special talent. He will just stare and BURST into a BIG SMILES when being held, besides pooping his brains out now that he’s eating baby food and slowly coming off the bottle. But that smile is priceless. He will sometimes grab at my face gently as if he is telling me how much he loves me and then that smile just comes alive.

When I am watching them, well more like caring for them because I do have them a few days a week to help out now that I am retired after serving twenty and a half years in law enforcement, so I figure that no way in hell was I going to let my daughter’s have strangers looking out for my grandsons when I am home.

So, I put my new business adventure on hold as an Inspirational Speaker to do my Poppi duties…and help my girls out. I do a few speaking engagements but not on full-time basis for now….Family First! My daughters grew up hearing be countless times tell them that Family Always Comes First no matter what…and that includes me as well. I will do anything to for daughters.

They are both professionals and everything they have in life they both worked hard for it on their own. My youngest girl married a Police Officer and her older sister married a Federal Correction officer who was once a Police Officer and decided a career change…some change… from locking up the bad guys to now living with them….go figure.

I am sharing this little short story for one reason. Imagine had I given up in life over 35 years ago, I wouldn’t be sharing this story with anyone because I would have denied myself the life I am living now…just something to think about. If anyone contemplates ending their lives thinking it will ease the pain, just pause a moment and think about the pain you will leave to those who love you the most… for their rest of their lives.

There is only one person who can save your life……that person is you.

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