Color Blind (Part 2)

When I received a second call from the Police Desk to return back to the Grey Hound Bus waiting area to remove the same person I just told to leave the area an hour ago. Sure enough, there he is again, standing by the Hudson News Stand setting up shop.

I stood there for a minute to see what he was going to do when he looked up and spotted me standing by the stair case above the Mike and Mike’s deli across the Hudson News stand. I will say this, he had balls, because he didn’t even bother to walk away or anything.

It was like as if he just didn’t give a shit this time and even opened up his folding chair to show me that he didn’t. Maybe it was my uniform all looking new and pressed as well as my holster belt wasn’t scuffed up from wear and tear that he knew that I was a rookie, because that is a dead give away.

Maybe he even thought because I was pleasant with him as I asked him to leave was a sign of weakness on my part….either way, I put my leather gloves on and had no intention of asking him to leave this time…I was going to remove him myself…old school style.

So I walked over to him, pulled the chair from underneath him and told him to pick up his art tools. He just stood there with a look on his face that pretty much told me he wasn’t going anywhere and yanked his chair right out of my hand. I went to grab his arm, that’s when he took a swing at me and connected to the top of my head.

Shame on me because I didn’t see it coming. He didn’t hurt me nor did it knock me down, but I did return a solid punch to the side of his head and he grabbed my waist and we went right through a plexiglass window next to the Hudson News stand and the fight was on.

He was on top of me at first as I ended up on my back, but maneuvered myself on my right side where my gun is holstered and that’s when I felt his hand already on my gun. I knew at that moment I was in deep shit now. He was actually trying to pull it out.

The only reason my gun didn’t un-holstered was because my safety lock was still connected and that prevented him from pulling it out. But I couldn’t take any chances, so I  maneuvered myself to my back to free my right hand while holding him with my left arm in a slight choke hold and ejected my magazine from my gun.

I then rolled over to my right side onto my gun and switched arms and held him with my right while I started removing my other two back up magazines and my pepper spray canister and tossed them to my left. I do remember hearing people yelling and screaming for someone to help me, but no one did.

I can see from the corner of my eye a large crowd formed around us, but no one made a move to help me. But I do remember hearing a woman screaming that the officer is fighting and he needs help. At that moment, I ended up on top of him and landed a few solid punches to the face as he still tried to free himself by kicking his knee up hitting the back of my ass.

At that moment, I heard the greatest sound every cop once to hear when fighting for his life…the sound of KEYS. All cops carried keys and they jingle really loud when running. The next thing I knew they were above me attempting to pull me off when a black boot landed on top of the subjects forehead while the other back up officers grabbed me off of him and finally placed the handcuffs on him.

I had people retrieving my two-way radio, my badge, my gun magazines that holds my bullets, my pepper spray bottle, my night stick, my memo book and my hat. I later found out that the woman screaming that I needed help, picked up the direct phone line by the Hudson news stand and called the  police desk and told them what was happening.

She was the reason they came the way they did.  My back up officers were in great numbers as well as NYPD. The same call went to city-wide 911, so that explained why there were so many cops at the scene. I was exhausted from fighting with this guy for what seemed like hours but was actually just under 10 minutes.

That is a long time to be fighting with anyone, but I wasn’t going to die that day…and I made sure of that. By the way…the subject who fought me and tried to take my gun and maybe try to shoot me…was black. The woman who called the police desk…was black.

Half the crowd standing around and handing me my personal belongings were all black. I didn’t see color…I saw people who were scared, but still tried to make sure I was ok. The subject was placed under arrest and requested medical treatment for bruises to the face.

As for me, I thanked all for the officers on the scene that came to back me up as well as a friend and fellow officer who was the one who placed his boot on top of the head of the subject. I did tell him he needed to polished them considering how close I was to see that it need polishing.

He just laughed and told me all he cared about that I was alright. By the way…he was not only my classmate, but just got promoted recently to the rank of Inspector…. and he’s black. My point to this whole story…this job made me color blind.

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  1. Awesome story! Thank you for sharing it in the midst of such turbulent times. And thank you for a perspective that most of us do not understand let alone experience.

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