Stop The Hate

I don’t waste my time watching cable news anymore. I believe the media is just as guilty as our politicians, contributing to the fear that is placed in the minds of the weak-minded who don’t bother to educate themselves on every day topics from Politics, Science and Religion and rely on those channels to do it for them, then we all wonder this country is so divided. They got us hating each other for ratings.

You have Fox News constantly bashing the Democrats and always have negative things to say even when there is good news. You have MSNBC constantly bashing Fox and who is just as guilty placing the same fear onto their viewers as well. CNN…well, they are still looking for that down Airliner from the summer off the coast of Australia.

If that is all that’s on everyone’s mind day in and day out, we might as well give up on the human race and it’s future. The last precious thoughts on my mind when it’s time to depart this earth will not be how in the hell did we get a black President or who is a real Christian or is there is such thing as climate change.

No…It will be how much I tried to better myself as a Husband, Father, Grand-father and Friend even at 52 years young. I will be thinking how I lived out my childhood dream as a Police Officer and how I did my part to keep my world safe. I will be thinking of happy times with family and friends over the years and how I tried to enjoy life the best I knew how.

I will be thinking how I never gave up on life when I had many reasons to do so growing up from a broken childhood. I will also be thinking how I would never regret anything I did in my life for If I did, would only mean I would want to change my life. If I done that, I would not have what I have today…My wife, my daughters and my grand children.

But my last thought as I take my last breath will not be wasted on an empty thought. It will be how much I loved and will miss my Queen should I depart this world before her. My point is this…We only live one Life and there are no do overs…Don’t waste it on hate!

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