Daddy’s Little Girl’s Forever

On November 21st 2014, my Queen and I just celebrated our 32nd Anniversary in a special way this year. My youngest daughter Alicia got married for the second time to the same man within three years. See…they got married on 11-11-11 Vegas Style at the Little White Chapel with our blessing with the understanding that we wanted them to also have a traditional wedding as well.

I never been to Vegas before, but my Queen and my daughter’s all have at least  five times. I figure what not? Because she married there, I got to meet one of the Greatest Heavyweight Champions of the World….Iron Mike Tyson…TWICE!!! Had a great conversation and told him how proud I was that he straighten out his life and how he came a long way from biting off Evander’s ear.

We ended our little private pow wow with a great photo of him posing with my Queen and I. Ok, Back to my original story I wanted to share. So Alicia asked if it was ok to get marry on our Anniversary because they couldn’t get married on theirs since it fell in the middle of the week….we said YES, and a Beautiful Day it was.

I got to walk my little Princess down the aisle just as I done 2 years ago with my oldest Nicole. It has always been a dream of mine to do just that….what father’s doesn’t dream for that day? I am so proud of my daughters. They are both professional woman with families of their own living in beautiful homes they made for their family.

They are so responsible and very Successful in Life, and they made it happen with positive guidance from my Queen and I. I never had that growing up and found out the hard way by the many mistakes I made along the way to get where I am today. Just because I learned the hard way didn’t mean my daughter’s should.

Sure, they made some mistakes but nothing that couldn’t be corrected, where the mistakes I made could not and I lived with the consequences and was fine with that.  They both have husbands in Law Enforcement (wonder why) and they both treat my girls like Queens that they are.

We couldn’t ask anymore from them. They both live close by us so we do see them a lot and I get to care for my grandsons while they all work. I may be battling depression but they are the best remedy for it. I never give in and curl up in the closet rocking back and forth, but when I do start feeling down I stay very busy caring for the THREE STOOGES a few days a week. Trust me, they keep my world Balanced and Happy.

I thank our creator for allowing me to make up for all the wrong things I did in my life by letting me prove myself that I am worthy to have the family that I am blessed to be given. I will always be there for my girls and their family because that’s what I taught them for so many years ever since they started talking….Family First!

So as I walked down my Princess who turned into a Queen when they exchanged their vows, I only had one thing on my mind. I just looked t my Queen of 32 years and just thanked her for keeping me after so many times I was a disappointment to her in the past. It is because of her love for me is why I got to walk  Daddy’s Little Girls down the aisle in the first place.



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