Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Let me ask you all a couple of questions. When life isn’t going as plan, or your dreams never came true, who did you blame… your parents… the childhood life you had or never had? Did you blame your teachers you had during your school years?

Did you find yourself blaming everyone else for all your mistakes and bad decisions you made throughout your life and decided to throw in the towel and give up on your future? Well, there is a simple answer to all these questions.

All you have to do is approach the nearest mirror in your house, stand in front of it and look at the reflection staring back at you….that person is YOU! There is no secret how to succeed in life. There is no magic wand to wave over yourselves.

There is no amount of praying or wishing that you can do to live a Successful Life. You have to Want to Succeed and not Like to Succeed. Anyone can like to do a lot of things, but wanting is another story. Because when you want something, you have to make it happen.

The only way to make it happen is work for it…it’s that simple. Anyone who’s been following my blog know how hard my  life was. How my childhood living in a foster home wasn’t much of a childhood to say the least.

Being homeless and living place to place out of an old grey suitcase from the age of sex-teen till I became a young husband and father at the age of only twenty-one to two beautiful girls. I jumped from job to job and lived a reckless life because I was making bad decisions and choices throughout my twenties.

But one thing I never did…ever…was blame anyone else for my mistakes but myself. I never used my background not to succeed in life…I LEARNED from it. I knew what I had to do something to change my life before I ended up losing my life as well as losing my young family.

Looking at my wife and children, I knew there wasn’t much of a future for any of us if I continued to be so irresponsible with my decision-making. I also came to a conclusion that I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself for the childhood I never had.

I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and rid of the poison called self-pity. I needed to stop listening to the voice inside my head of my foster father who convinced me while growing up, that I was going to be a nobody in life. So one day, I looked in my mirror, I mean I really looked in the mirror and I didn’t like for one bit what was staring back at me.

I needed to get my act together and there was no time to lose. The first thing I had to do was stay out of trouble, stick with one job to support my family and work part-time at night for extra income and started taking all Police exams throughout the state of New York.

I picked up right where I left off when I’ve taken  my first written exam to be a New York City Police Officer at the age of nine-teen. At  thirty-one years old, On October 29th,1993, I was excepted in the Police Academy for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The life I lived in the past was just that…the past. I was now living for the future as well as the future for my family. I made it happened because I never gave up. I never blamed anyone for all the bad decisions and mistakes I made in the past but myself. I never used my background not to succeed in Life.

I wasn’t weak, I wasn’t a quitter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to throw in the towel in my ring of life and give up. I battled with life and lost many rounds but never the fight. My name is Michael Ashton and I made my childhood dream come true…….and so can you!

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