We Meet Again

Back I the 70’s where I spent my childhood in the foster home, there were many vacant properties throughout the neighborhood with trees growing wild, wild berries and weeds…lots of them too, not to mention the greatest weed of them all…no….not that kind…Poison Ivory.

During the hot summer days you can smell the scent of the wild forest next door to us. Even now, when I would walk my Boston Terrier across the street where I live today, I smell that same scent just like I did as a little boy. 

My brother and I would walk through the paths that the neighbor kids made as a short cut to get to the next street so they didn’t have to walk around the block to get to their homes. We would reenact scenes from that old series back in the 70’s called Lost in Space. 

We both pretend that we were Professor John Robinson and Major Don West on a mission to find fuel for the Jupiter 2 and end we end up fighting make-believe monsters throughout our mission. But after a while we get bored and needed something else to do.

Now right at the end of our block was this big fenced in lot with lots of long steel beams laying on the top of the flatbed trailers and they were all over the place….bunch of orange ones were set on one side and the grey ones on the other and stacked.

The neighbor kids would all go there to jump on them during that summer which I believe was 71 or 72. We called it Jumping trailers. That’s all we did…just jump from one to the other till the neighbors called the police on us.

That was the best part because they show up and yell at us through their windows to go home and we go running away like little girls screaming and laughing while squeezing our way through the open part of the fence…then they just drive away.

The reason why I am sharing this story with you is because I was reminded by my friend back in 2002 that the very steel we were all jumping on was used for the Top of the Twin Towers. I climbed on those orange steel beams countless times as a little boy…and over 40 years later I was doing the same thing……on 9-11-2001.

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