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I live in the same country as everyone else and I for one don’t believe our country is heading in the wrong direction because of one President or any President for that matter. It is CABLE NEWS and HATE RADIO that’s turning us Americans against each other over politics, religion, guns, our rights and Freedom day in and day out.

Always talking negative about everything, even when things are good. We as a country are better off than 6 years ago, that’s a FACT, but you wouldn’t know it because the cable news spend more time either bashing each other or forever pissing on good news. We have Republicans constantly bashing the Democrats, and the Democrats  are just as guilty bashing back.

We can’t complain that nothing is getting done in Washington when we continue to vote in the same morons in Congress with an 8% approval rating, who by the way, are the very ones holding back our country from prospering, with Guarantee Paychecks, Great Health-Care and a HEFTY PENSION. Seems to me that those in Congress seem to be the biggest TAKERS of them all in this country and not the poor or the struggling middle class.

Getting paid to do absolutely nothing and never questioned by anyone from the 3 cable networks…Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Face it, cable news is anything but news anymore. They’ve become a political bully pulpit for the party they represent. MSNBC for Democrats and Fox for Republicans and CNN…well…CNN is still looking for that missing airliner in the Indian Ocean.

So I ask you…Are we that weak-minded and so uneducated as a nation that we rely on cable news to do all the thinking for us and then post what they say on Facebook as if it’s gospel? Remember, he who controls the media, control the minds of the people, and from reading my news feed on FB every morning over coffee, seems to be a reality.

But I have faith in the younger generation (young teens), they don’t fall for any of that nonsense. So I believe there is still HOPE for our country after all. By the way, please if you are guilty of this, stop referring to the President of The United States as a POS (Piece of Shit) on your Facebook….it’s not very Christian like for those who claim to be.

You think Jesus referred Pontius Pilate as a POS to his followers when he would preach? How would you like it if someone called you a POS as a Parent from those who never had children? Too many have an obsession over our President and need to get on with their lives. This post is not meant for any political debates of any kind, but your thoughts are welcomed.

I am just tired of cable news becoming anything but news. These are my thoughts…sorry to be off topic. I needed to post this. I am also sorry that I have not been writing any stories of 911 recently. I am planning my own retirement dinner for the 18th of October and it has taken all my spare time when my grandsons are picked up.

I will continue those stories very soon. For the moment, please share my blog to those who you feel that might be interested. I enjoy helping the silent ones who have hurt for so many year….Enjoy the weekend!!!

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  1. Well said Mike! As bloggers, our message has become more important than ever as we share the very real and unabashed stories happening all around us that often get ignored!

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