Hands Off He’s Mine

I wanted to share just a short one that  happened before I even liked Donna or had any interest in her. One hot Saturday afternoon in August, I was working with my younger brother Timmy down the auto wrecking yard loading transmissions onto a wooden pallet to be shipped out, when I saw Donna pull up behind the back of the main building in her Trans am with another girl in the passenger side.

As they both got out, I turned to my brother and asked him who was that girl Donna was with? He stopped for a second as he looked over my head and said that was Donna’s sister Lisa. All I could think of was how hot she was. I was 19, so I figured she looked like 15 or 16, but still very pretty and caught my attention.

Donna  was talking to one of the workers before walking over where my brother and I were working to say hello before entering  through the big open gates to the main building , I turned to my brother and told him that Donna sister was hot and asked if she had a boy friend which he had no idea if she did.

But that didn’t really matter if she did, because I always joked with all the girls I would meet and always asked if they had boy friends. If they responded that they did, I would always follow-up with that’s OK because I wasn’t the jealous type. It always got a smile or a giggle from them…but to be honest…I wasn’t joking…I really didn’t care if any of them had boy friends.

If I liked you, I would do my best to convince them why they should be with me…which didn’t always work. Now, little did I know, but  when Donna and I were seeing each other, she admitted to me that on that day, Lisa had asked about me and wanted to know who I was.

Donna grabbed Lisa by the throat and threw her against the wall knocking over a big shelf filled with car parts, and with a deep scary voice right out of the movie The Exorcist said this….HANDS OFF, HE’S MINE!!!

Ok…I do tend to get carried away and it wasn’t that dramatic, but she did tell Lisa that. So you see, without me knowing, like a wolf marking her territory, Donna must have snuck up at some time without me noticing her and urinated on my leg ….and I guess Lisa backed off. Who knew that the boss’s daughter had her eye’s set on me with pure lust, way before mine were ever set on her…..

3 thoughts on “Hands Off He’s Mine

  1. Alecia

    See.. God has a sense of humor. What God has for you is For You!!! And what a Beautiful Love story he had for You and Donna! Luv ya!

  2. Donna

    You’re so funny. I did not talk in a voice that sounded like the exorcist, but I did tell my sister hands off of you!!! Hey she had a boyfriend and oh yeah so did I LOL

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