The Tramp Get’s In Trouble

On my way home from a hard days work at the auto wrecking yard, I started thinking about the boss’s daughter. I know, I know…I already have a girlfriend and I did say earlier that this was the last thing I needed when I only been working at this place for less than 3 weeks, But I did find myself wondering when Donna’s birthday was, so I figure that the first thing Monday morning I would ask her, but in a cool way when I see her at the coffee truck.

That same evening, my girlfriend at the time, who I was only with for about 4 month, surprised me for my Birthday by telling me she was going to take me to her best friends brother in law’s tattoo shop in Jersey to get my first tattoo. I already had my ear pierced and my hair was growing long that I always wore a bandana, and got into so many fights in and about the neighborhood, so the tattoo will only add-on to my reputation as a bad ass.

So we went to the tattoo shop that following morning and got my tattoo. I didn’t go with any skulls or snakes…everybody had those. I didn’t get any hearts or my girlfriend’s name like she thought I would do because I wasn’t an idiot. As mean as it sounds, I knew my relationship with her wasn’t going to go to distance because I had this disease called ” Cheating” and knew it was a matter of time before it flares up again. So I had to play this one safe.

So, I told her that I wanted my first tattoo to be different and promised her that the second one I would do the heart thing with our names in them. That made her happy and I picked out a horse on top of the mountain and added wings to it instead. Why I picked a horse on top of the mountain you ask? Because it looked cool and it was different. After it was done, I looked in the mirror to see the art and was pretty excited that I got my first tattoo and hugged my girlfriend to thank her.

Now, let me tell you something I don’t even think I even told my Queen., or maybe I did. During the time that I was getting my tattoo done, I was thinking about Donna and playing out many scenarios in my head how I was going to approach her at the coffee truck the following Monday morning and ask her when her birthday was. So she was freshly in my head and just when I hugged my girlfriend  to thank her……I  accidently called her Donna.

Let me tell you…that didn’t go to well for me. She pushes me off of her and asked me who the fk was Donna? I had to think fast now…I wasn’t ready for that question  because I was still in shock myself that I called her Donna myself. I felt the blood drain out of my head and was seconds away from pretending to pass out. But, as always, I knew how to cover my ass….and cover my ass I did. I told her I was thinking about our mutual friend’s sister who loves horses and she was going to like my tattoo.

Well, that worked. She started to smile when I held her again to thank her and reassured her how much I loved her and that I would never cheat on her. Yep…I can’t tell you how many times I used that line before to all my ex girlfriends. You have to remember that I was just 19 years old and I’m not supposed to be in any serious relationships with any girl. I knew what I wanted in life at that age. I wanted to become a cop, buy my own home, have a new car and date… date… date!!!

We left the shop and headed back to Staten Island where I showed off my new Tattoo to my friends. That Saturday night I went to one of my favorite Rocks in Brooklyn called “Lamoure’s…The Rock Capital Of Brooklyn” to see a great cover band called T.T Quick. My girlfriend didn’t come with me because she wasn’t into the bands, but I was fine with that as well as my friends. That meant I could flirt with my fellow “Head Bangers” of the opposite sex by the stage and the bar as well. But that night I didn’t…I had someone else on my mind.



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