Lady Meets The Tramp (A Love Story Part 1)

Lets see…I shared with you many stories of my life after the foster home, but I can’t share everything because I am working on a book version of my blog and there is lot more to write about to fill in gaps between my stories, but also there some things in my life I rather keep just to myself. It’s not  that easy putting your whole life out there for all to see, but I also feel that my stories must be told to not only help myself except things in my past I can never change, but help those who feel the same as I do.

By the time I reached nine-teen years old, I pretty much was responsible, well, more than the average teen at that age. I was living with my childhood best friend’s family who by the way, lived across the street from the very foster home I grew up in which was awkward at first, but I got over it after I knew that I’ve finally had a  stable residence for the first time since I was six-teen. I wasn’t complaining and I gave money for food, and pulled my weight around by cleaning and taking care of the lawn…and I was just fine with that.

I had a real good job working in South Amboy New Jersey called K.T. Marines, cleaning Oil Tankers, and trust me when I say, it was the dirtiest job I ever done in my entire life even to this day, but never once complained, specially after getting paid nine dollars an hour. I worked with a young crew all about the same age as me and we got along fine. We all had some good laughs, but at the same time, we all worked our asses off and we became the number one crew to be called upon when the Big Boys docked.

Well, sad to say after working for K.T  marines for over six months, they lost the contract with Exxon and before I knew it, I found myself on the unemployment line. It bothered me at first because the money I have saved in the bank was drying up, as well the pockets. I was getting a check but still looking for a new job, just not aggressively. It was the summer of 82, and I ended up getting hooked on soap operas with my friend called All My Children and Young and The Restless. We could not start our day till after we watched it, which came on at one in the afternoon…it was a sickness we both shared

One day, my younger brother Tim who lived across the street always came over to visit me and we always yapped up a storm about everything. I really missed him more than anyone in my life when I was gone, so to be together again was one of the greatest feeling in the world. We just picked up where we left off  the day I left back in 79. He was working in an auto wrecking yard which was a family business and told me that the owner was looking to hire more help. He tells me the pay is pretty good and  he was sure I would get hired.

On top of that, the owner has two pretty daughters and  my brother really believed that one of them had the HOTS  for him. I told him I  would think about it, but to be honest, I never gave it thought. I wasn’t ready to go back to work. It has been only two months and Victor Newman was about to find out that he might not be the father of his child from his ex prostitute of a wife and I wasn’t about to miss any of that just to work in an auto wrecking yard as a yard monkey during the greatest drama in my life…well, not just yet.

But, my friends mother and father got sick of us playing football games on T.V. and watching soap operas all day and she didn’t take it to kindly when I reminded her that it was only one show…”Don’t you be a Wise Ass” she would bark at me. My friend’s mom, who I refer as Mrs. S, was the last person I wanted to piss off and his father, who I always called “Boss” would remind me of just that. So, I asked my brother Timmy if the job was still available at this auto wrecking yard and to hook me up, which he did just that.

My brother set up the interview for me to meet with the owner, and that August of 82, I found myself working in this auto wrecking yard and became a yard monkey like my brother, making one hundred and fifty dollars a week. I also got to see the owner’s daughter Donna, pulling up in a black Trans-Am with T-tops, you know, the one my brother believed had the “Hot’s” for him… I really never talked to her when working, but every morning she would be at the coffee truck in the morning to get tea with her aunt and they both always wore tight jeans.

Like teens in high school, the guys would describe what they would do to them if they had the chance, but mostly they wanted to see the bosses daughter and his sister, her aunt, mud wrestle in the back pit, then have their way with them…a fantasy was all they had to cling too. To be honest, I wasn’t interested. I already had a girlfriend and she was a handful as it was. The last thing on my mind was the owner’s daughter. I wasn’t about to get fired for flirting with her. I just worked and worked hard I did. 

But on September 1st, just three weeks working down the yard, Donna was standing in front of the main doorway to the office talking with my brother, when she blurted out three words to me just as I was passing them both in my car on my way home that would change the course of our lives…Happy Birthday Mike! I rolled down my window and remember telling her that it has been awhile that anyone had ever wished me a Happy Birthday and thanked her…then drove off. But that wasn’t the end of it…nope…I found myself thinking about her on my way home. I was about to do something that once I did it, there was no way turning back.





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