A Message to All Followers

I will be jumping around with some stories and will give a heads up when I do….like now. I will be going back and forth, but not in a way not to confuse anyone. I started writing about how I got on the Police force and will follow-up with that one in the near future. I will go back in time on a few occasions when I met my wife of 32 years and share the coolest Love Story anyone has ever read.

I have received countless messages  from so many readers who opened up to me sharing their most personal stories never told to anyone as well…some not even to their spouses. I hope to help as many as I can through my stories on my blog. Feel free to LIKE my Facebook page Mike’s Kitchen Stories where I post many pictures including some very cool Inspirational and Motivational banners as well.

Let me enter your lives and prove to you that no matter how bad our childhood may have been or our lives are today, we can conquer those monsters from our past and the ones who still hide underneath our beds, by excepting the pasts we can not change. If we all chose not to use our background, or make excuses by blaming others not to succeed in our lives…we will finally get the chance to raise our hands in our Ring of Life and become Victorious!


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