Break Out The Umbrella.

I applied to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Dept. back in Jan of 1992 when I was thirty years old. To get on this department, you had a better chance of getting hit by lightning twice in the same spot while standing on-line outside the men’s room at Yankee Stadium…trust me on this one. It was the hardest law enforcement agency to get on but that didn’t stop me from taking the test.

I had to fight for everything I did in life, so why believe becoming a Police Officer was going to be any different?  I fought for ten years  since the age of 21 to have N.Y.P.D. over turn their decision to except me because of my background and now I was going through the same thing with the Port Authority. Like I said…nothing ever came easy in my life.

Since being on my own at sixteen, I had a many addresses and jobs, so I got turned down for un-steady residence, employment and by the time I was twenty-one, my driver’s license had reached maximum points and had many suspensions and was now considered a persistent violator as well…did I mention I was arrested seven times and considered scoff law for $250 unpaid parking tickets?

After my hearing with N.Y.P.D. review board to explain my background to them, I received noticed about two weeks later that they voted to over turn their original decision and I was to be sworn in August 30th in their Police Academy and needed to update some personal information. During this time, I was told my investigator from the P.A.P.D. that it looked real good getting in the next class scheduled for November 1st so I needed to make a decision.

I contacted my investigator from N.Y.P.D. and her that I was turning down the job I fought for ten years to get on and  become a Port Authority Police Officer instead. She even asked me to think about it because once they closed my case there was no turning back. I assured her that was my  final decision and thanked her for sticking by me to the end and left her office. I should have been ready what was about to follow next…but I wasn’t. Break out the umbrella because when it rains in my life… pours.


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