Down Goes Frazier

When I reached the front entrance and looked through the door to the parking lot, not only were there fights inside the rink, there were fights outside as well. I have no idea what started any of this but I know we didn’t have enough employees to control what was going on all around us. I did what I do best at that time…I just looked to see who were the aggressive ones and started swinging away.

I knew who the good guys were so it was pretty safe to say that anyone I was hitting were the trouble makers. The funny part to this all was we were all fighting while wearing skates. There was no time to take them off, so we were rolling towards anyone fighting the employees  and get in the middle and we started swinging away. I had the advantage because we towered over them because of our skates and some of the skate guards were pretty big boys.

If our punches didn’t stop them, a kick in the shins did the trick. They manage to clear out the inside of the rink and everything spilled out onto the parking lot. By now there were fights everywhere. The only thing missing were swords and shields. I have to admit, this could have been a lot worst had someone had a knife or gun. But this was a real fight… Old School Style.

After some of the fights seem to stop, there was still one more that was taking place right in front of the main entrance. The few private security officers we had were all N.Y.P.D. cops off duty working part-time. They were holding their own just fine till I went over and grabbed one of the guys fighting one of the cops. I ended up knowing him from high school. He was telling me that he didn’t want to hit me but I didn’t give a shit and I just grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

He wasn’t much of a fighter specially against me, and I think he knew it because he was talking more than anything. One thing I learned in the group home was this….fighters don’t talk, they fight!  He was actually trying to explain what started the fights and I knew right than and there he didn’t really want to fight at all and I was fine with that. I let him go and told him to take off  before the cops came. I went over to where the last fight was taken place right by the double glass doors by the main entrance.

I pulled one kid off of a friend of mine and I thought that was going to be the end of it. I looked around and saw the other skate guards skating around and all seem to be alright. Including one of my brothers who was working at the rink also. But before you know it, all I heard was a voice from a girl screaming LOOK OUT and I saw this kid holding what seemed to be a long piece of concrete and tossed it in my direction. It happened so fast, before I could even put my hands up to block it, it hit me right in my face and I went through the glass doors and DOWN GOES FRAZIER!

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