Share Your Version

To those who read my blog religiously and posting pictures of a LION with the word LIAR underneath on their Facebook page, I say this to you. If you believe all my stories I share about my experience living in the foster home for those eight years are not true, than please share with all my followers your version. I promise to APPROVE every one of your comments if you agree to my only request. Post your real name for all to see, including your relations with me and the connection you have with the foster home. If not, than I suggest you stop following my life and get on with yours. This blog was not meant for you or any of your family members. This blog was for all those who lived the life I did and never escaped the past of their childhood. My blog is to prove to all of them, no matter how bad life was or may still be, they can still overcome and triumph without using their background not to Succeed in Life…for I am living proof of that. I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend to many and lived out my Childhood Dream of becoming a Police Officer for over 20 years. I have a Beautiful  Home with  a Wonderful  Family and Friends who Love me Unconditionally regardless of my past. Not bad for someone who was told many times as a child growing up that I would amount to nothing in life.


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