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I was going to end this chapter of my life living in the foster home that not only ruined my childhood, but my teens as well. But, after reading a couple of comments left by someone posing as a social worker from New York City, I decided to continue this chapter for a another couple of weeks…So I say only this to all my readers. I am going to come off  very angry and heartless at times, so if  you choose not to read my last few stories, that is just fine with me. Because what I am about to write is meant for the ones who lived in that house. But make no mistake, I am going to end this nightmare of a chapter with a bang. So put on your seat belts and crash helmets….this is going to hurt!


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  1. Funny I’m not much of a reader either & really can’t stop ready this. I started to finally read this tonight starting from the beginning. And wow!

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