My Queen, My Love, My Wife.

The reason for not writing any new stories on my blog was because I was hospitalized for 9 days due to a severe kidney infection and ended  up in the Critical Care Unit/Intensive Care Unit (CCU/ICU) from Septic Shock. That’s when the infection (bacteria) entered the blood stream and cause my body to react violently by shaking so hard my bones felt like they where going to break.

This lasted for almost 10 minutes straight and in front of my Queen. If not treated immediately, there was a 25 to 50 percent chance of not surviving through this infection had it enter my heart. But I was truly lucky to have a “RAPID RESPONSE TEAM” of Highly Trained Nurses as well as my Doctor giving instructions over the phone, worked effortlessly and  prevented me from getting sicker then I already was.

After being given the strongest  antibiotics to flush the bacteria out of my blood, I started feeling better within hours. I was kept under observation for the next 5 days in the CCU till I was stable enough to be removed to an isolation room for safety purposes till I was discharged this past Monday.

I will only say this. The moment I was going through this traumatic experience my second day in the hospital, through all the chaos surrounding me, I did ask a nurse if I was dying. I didn’t get a response at first, but finally told after I asked the second time that I wasn’t going to die. Even though it was a relief to hear those words, the only thought in my mind was this.

“If”‘ I was going to die, all I wanted was to see my Beautiful wife’s face for the very last time. I knew she was out in the hallway alone and scared…I needed to see her… I needed to hear her voice. I needed to tell her not only how much  I truly loved her but to let her know what she meant to me throughout our 32 years together.

If this was going to be my time to depart, then I had to look into the eye’s of the woman who loved me for the man I was and the man I turned out to be. I had to let her know that she is the very foundation that holds our family together and not me…it was never me.  I had to thank her for loving me, for she is my Queen, My Love, My Wife who I LOVE more than Life it’s self.

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11 thoughts on “My Queen, My Love, My Wife.

  1. Anonymous

    OMG Michael, I’m crying reading this – how utterly beautiful & poignant this is – I’m almost embarrassed to be reading it. First off, please give Donna my number in case something like this ever happens again please tell her to call me – I will talk her through everything & come down too !! Next as a critical care nurse to see the other side of this & hear your fears will only help me be a better nurse so I know how to help calm others fears – Lastly my dear sweet friend, my Dad just went thru exactly the same thing / it’s frightening to watch someone you love go through that even being a nurse so I’m extremely grateful your well and home and enjoying your newest grandchild with your Queen by your side – where she belongs xoxo

  2. Wendy vaphides

    That was beautifully written. Glad you are feeling better take it easy . Congratulations on your new grandchild.

  3. Anonymous

    I actually cried reading that. I am so happy you’re ok and home with the newest addition to your family.

  4. Anonymous

    That is the most beautiful thing you have ever said to me. I love you so much. I was so scared but I knew you were going to be alright, they kept telling me that. You are the love of my life.

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