Let’s Start With My Kitchen.

Notice how all families members and friends seem to be drawn to the kitchens  to converse and drink when visiting? We all have living rooms, dining rooms and even family rooms, but they all seem to gravitate around the kitchen counter…why is that?  🙂

The kitchen you see above is actually my kitchen. I did look through the internet to download some cool pictures…I even went through some of my wife’s (of 30 years) Better Homes and Garden magazines for the right one. Not happy with that idea, I decided to see how it would look if I used my own kitchen.

So, I got my camera phone in hand and snapped away. Now, we are slowly upgrading our kitchen, so say hello to our new  granite counter top! For all you kitchen hawks, the floor is next. 

I am sure you have many questions right now, like what happened to my parents, how did I end up in an orphanage, do I have any brothers or sisters, why was I placed in a foster home, and many more.

By the time I am finished with this blog, there are two things I’m sure will happen. For starters, I am going to be in therapy for a lot longer than I planned. The other is having to explain to my Queen why I never told her some of the things I’m about to share with total strangers.

I am prepared for the first… still up in the air with the second. Maybe this is the time to get her that new stove and refrigerator.

One thought on “Let’s Start With My Kitchen.

  1. Rose Marie Stallone

    Re therapy … when finished you will need less, maybe even “no” therapy. Writing out your thoughts and feelings is great therapy. Doesn’t even matter if you throw the paper away, as long as you get it down on paper. However, I am glad you’re not throwing it away … enjoying your story … thanks for sharing!

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