Five Miles (part II)

There I am, walking along the busy roadway by Clove Lake Park freezing my ass standing on the corner waiting to cross the intersection, when I notice a car slowing down  pulling to the side of the road where I was standing. The person rolls down the passenger side window calling my  name. I looked down to see the girl I liked from my class brother  looking up at me from the front seat while her dad was asking where I was going.

I remember saying hello but told him that I was going to a friend’s house just down the street from where they lived. He told me he was on his way home and that he would drop me off. But as soon as I got in, he told me something different instead.  My foster parents had called and informed him that I had run away and if he could ask his daughter Arlene if she had seen me anytime today. Sure enough she told him that I was with them and had left when the skating session was over.

She also told him that the last time she saw me, I was walking from the rink towards the main intersection. Well, the rest was history. We pulled up in his driveway, with his wife standing on the porch with a big brown sweater over her shoulder and gave me a slight hug. We all walked in, and sat in the kitchen while Arlene’s mom made me a something to eat while her dad asked what happened at home. I told him some stories, but never told him about the beatings.

I think he knew I wanted to say more, but I for some reason I didn’t want to say anymore. I was crying but not like water falls or anything, more like holding it in, but the tears said enough. He told me that he had to call my foster parents because they were upset and concern. Yeah right…maybe my mother was, but as for my foster-father, that’s another story. I’m sure he had something else on his mind when I got home. I think I was there for about an hour before Arlene’s dad said it was time to take me home.

We both got in the car and he drove me home.We did talk a bit about school and all, but he seemed more concern about how I was doing at home. I think he was trying to get more out of me, but I knew what he was trying to do, but no way could I have told him the truth what my life was really like living in that foster home.  I remember telling him that I lived about ten miles from the house, but he said I lived closer than that.

It was quiet in the car for the last five minutes of the ride back to my house and as he made the turn onto my street, I felt my heart beating fast once again. All I can think of was not only was I in trouble, but for sure there was a beating waiting for me inside the house.  As he pulled up, my mother and Sandy were by the front door looking out the open glass vent waiting for me. He turn to me and said that if I ever wanted to talk about anything that I could talk to him.

Her also said I was a good boy and needed to tell my foster parents why I ran away. He then gave me a hug and I got out of the car. I saw him roll down his window and  said to words to me…Five Miles. I just smiled back at him as I opened up the front gate and made my way up the porch steps and took one more look at Arlene’s dad as he drove away as I watched the tail lights fade away. My mother opened the door and hugged me asking why I did what I did.

I just looked at her and started crying. Sandy just gave stood there with a look on her face I just couldn’t figure out. I wasn’t sure if she was happy to see me, or just confused that I ran away and maybe, just maybe knew why. I just wanted to go up stairs and get into my bed, and just wanted the night to end…but that wasn’t going to happen. I heard my foster-father clear his throat, and I knew that was just a sign letting me know he was in the kitchen….waiting.


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