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The picture you see represents how I feel when my INTEGRITY has been challenged by a member of that foster family behind closed doors and on Facebook. I guessed they thought the secrets inside that house died when I left at the age of 16….they thought wrong! If living in denial makes them sleep better at night…then sleep well, for I have many more stories to share before this over. But let me be very clear here. I will not let anyone stop me from telling my stories regardless who they are and how they feel. Not like any of them ever asked me  how was I doing when I was out in the world on my own. They saw me many times  in the neighborhood and I was lucky I even got a wave, and now I am supposed to give a shit how any of them supposed to feel? Maybe they should have given their GROWN CHILDREN a heads up when I warned back in November of 2013 that starting Jan of 2014 I was going to share my stories…so shame on them when they decided not too. I was Merciful to them all for many years hiding the family secret. Well, as far as I’m concern, that’s their problem and not mine. This is  My Life and My Past, and I chosen to share them through my blog for one purpose, and one purpose only. To help those overcome the very FEAR I once experienced growing up in that foster home. I lived a hard life and never complained about it even to this day, regardless of my past. I never used my background not to “Succeed in Life”,  for I am living proof that anyone can overcome ADVERSITY if  they choose not to “Surrender to Fear”. I am a HUSBAND, a FATHER, and GRANDFATHER of  four and lived out my ”CHILDHOOD DREAM” of  becoming a POLICE OFFICER  for twenty years. My name is Michael Ashton, and I was a victim of Child  Abuse by the hands of my foster-father for seven years till the age of sixteen…. and ALL my stories are TRUE!


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