Lesson Learned

 I walked in the kitchen to see my foster-father holding my dirty underwear in one hand and a towel in the other. He than asked if I needed one of them to wipe me, considering that I was having a hard time doing it myself.  I of course responded with a simple no, but it didn’t matter what my answer was, from the sound of his voice and that towel in his hand, I can safely say I wasn’t ready for what he was about to do.

They had me take all my clothes off right there in the kitchen BUTT ASS NAKED while he made a diaper out of that towel that he was holding while his wife took safety pins to secured it on me. Then he had me stand in the corner right next to the doorway of their bedroom and the kitchen and said this…” You want to act like a little baby, than you will be treated like a little baby.” and had me stand there not just for a while but the WHOLE DAY!!!

The only time I was allowed to move was when I had to go to the bathroom. Other than that, I stood there looking like Tarzan’s son Boy wearing nothing but a towel that was meant to look  like a diaper, as their children sat down eating breakfast. Now you have to picture this in your minds, everyone is eating breakfast, and there I am standing in the corner wearing nothing but a towel made into a diaper, and no one said anything!

I have to be honest here, and this may sound a little weird, but there was only one person who I didn’t want to look at me standing there in the corner was my foster-sister Sandy who by the way, was the same age as me. I liked Sandy ever since that first day we met at St. Michael’s home playing through the parlor window.

I always remembered her big smile and how friendly she was to me. To be honest, I can’t think of anything she ever did to  hurt me in any way during my years living there. She never made fun of me, and never said anything to hurt me in any way, and NEVER told on me to get me in trouble. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I really loved her like a sister back then.

But as I gotten older into my teens, my feelings for her started changing, and I was liking her in another way, but kept that to myself. Trust me, had I told my social worker the truth and admit I started having feelings towards my foster-sister Sandy when he asked me when I was about 14, I was out of the house faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit.

But that’s another story I will share  for another time. Anyway, everyone finished  breakfast and did whatever they did that day, while I just stood there by myself in the kitchen when the door bell rang. It was my Linda’s friend Beth who lived across the street from us. I remember hearing her voice as she was walking in as my foster-father rushes me out of the kitchen and inside their bedroom but never closed the door.

Beth walked in the kitchen to say her hello’s to my foster parents and for some reason, I started coughing intentionally. I knew that if she heard me, she would have easily see me standing inside the bedroom. So what do I do? I kept moving closer to the bedroom door so she could see me. I was thinking if she saw me, maybe she would tell her parents and they would come over to help me. That was my thinking anyway.

My foster-father saw how close I was to the door, and gotten up while Beth was talking and closed the door just enough that she couldn’t see me. She was only there to return something that her mom borrowed and chatted a bit and then left.  Then the bedroom door opened and he told me to step back to the corner where I originally stood.

They had me stand there for at least a couple more hours when my foster-mother handed me my clothes and told me to go up stairs and change. It was 4:15 in the afternoon….I stood there for over 7 1/2 hours! Lesson learned the hard way that’s for sure. From then on, there was never an issue cleaning myself anymore. I changed my underwear at least twice a day, because I wanted to make sure they were always clean. You want to know something………I still do.  


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