Thank you Jerry

Before I continue, I need to talk about my oldest sister for a moment and share a story that I remember from when I was 5 years old. I remember one evening, we were all sleeping when I felt this tug on my shoulder. It was my oldest sister telling me to get up. Half asleep, I hear her rambling on about a mouse she heard coming from the living room, and she needed me to find it. She got me out of the bed that I shared with one of my brothers and led me into the living room where she told me to find Jerry and kill him.

Yes, as inTom and Jerry. My sister already named the mouse. How did she think I was going to kill it? I was just 5 years old and with what was I supposed to kill it with? So I asked her, she paused for a second and then ran into the kitchen and came back with a small pot. She handed it to me and told me to use it… Was she kidding me? That was the same pot that I ate my rice puffs out of for breakfast every morning because I was too slow to beat my brothers and grab one of the few bowls that we had.

But, there I am, with the pot that holds my rice puffs in my hand searching for Jerry throughout the living room to no avail. Since I was woken up to help my sister, she let me stay up and watch The Green Hornet with her and let me have cereal as a reward, get this, in a REAL BOWL!  I actually ate out of a real bowl, and with a spoon no less. So, as we sat watching The Green Hornet, we both heard the elevator outside our apartment door open and could hear my mother talking loudly to somebody in spanish and the sound of her key making its way into the door knob.

My sister took the bowl from my hands and told me to go back to bed before mommy came in. I did just that and jumped back into bed, threw the covers over my head, smiling. I was smiling not because I got to stay up to watch The Green Hornet while my other brothers and sister were asleep, and not because I didn’t have to end the life of a mouse we never did find. I was smiling  because I finally got to eat my rice puffs cereal out of a bowl… I guess I had Jerry to thank for that. 🙂

One thought on “Thank you Jerry

  1. Marla

    It’s 5am, I was about to close my computer and get some sleep. I was going through the open pages (i’ll come across things that interest me and leave them open until I have time to read them) to close out the ones already read. When I opened this one I thought let me read a few lines to see what it’s all about. Well now I can’t stop! I hate to say it because I know it’s going to get sad but I am enjoying this. I don’t know if I will as you get on with the story but you are a great writer! Have you thought about a book? God Bless You!

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