Catching Up from the Past.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I shared so many heart breaking stories of my broken childhood back in November of 2014 that caused a shit stir even to this day. I’ve shared my years living in a  Foster home, where I was a victim of child abuse by the strong hand of my foster father from the age of seven until fifth-teen. I never told anyone about the beatings and mental abuse I endured by a monster who were to save me from a life living in an orphanage home.

But instead. It was the Foster home where I needed to be saved from. It was the 70’s. really. Who would have given shit anyway? I requested to leave that foster home to the agency that was my true guardian…Catholic Charity Home Bureau. a few days later…I was removed and placed in a Group home in the Bronx. My excuse I gave to my appointed counselor that I was just not getting along with the older siblings and my foster father. I just wanted out of there.

Had I told the truth, not only would I would have been sent back the  orphanage home, but my little brother as well. So I left. Ended up in a Group home in the Bronx and lived there with other misfits who no one wanted. I shared stories how I survived living in the streets hopping from one place to another. I slept on the Staten Island Ferry boat a few times, till the cops woke me up. I gather my beat up, suitcase with my clothes in it and other shit I gathered through the years and just walked around.

I did find some part-time work pumping gas and working in a roller skating rink till I saved enough money to rented a room for 40 dollars a week. at a hotel in undesirable area of Midland beach on Staten Island called The Chateau Dominique. I was 17. I held two jobs, both part-time to get me by. But the manager from the Hess station where I worked the midnight shift for about three months fired me. Why?  Because the gas station get robbed while I decided to get coffee at the Dunkin Donuts across the street about 3 am.

I had to call the Cops and file a report. I told them I left the pumps on by accident, front door to lobby unlocked and that I was pretty sure I never locked the outside safe where I put the money inside a steel cylinder with a lock underneath. While I went for my coffee, the thieves, about four of them, took gas for their car, money from the safe and get this…about 50 to 100 Hess Trucks on displayed. I know. Because I actually watched them through the window of Dunkin Donuts while sipping my coffee. But I did say Oh Shit!!

I waited till they drove off and called the cops from Dunkin Donuts and then walked  back to Hess station. I knew I was going to be in deep shit. With no doubt, I was getting fired. The manager really didn’t like me because I was always showing up 10 or 15 minutes late for the shift. A fellow attendant (s) didn’t like that because they would have to wait till I got there. To be honest, I never gave a shit how long they had to wait. I show up and just do my routine and start pumping gas…alone. This  story just doesn’t end here. It’s what I did after the cops left.