This November is a very special month for us. For one, my youngest daughter is getting married to a GREAT Guy for the second time within three years. They wanted to get married in Las Vegas on 11-11-11 like hundreds of others that day.

At first I was reluctant, but of cause like her Daddy, she has the talent to convince…before you know it, we were on our way to Vegas. I never been there before but my Queen and daughter’s have…numerous times. Because she got married there, I got to meet the Great Iron Mike Tyson…TWICE!!!

The reason why I am sharing this is because they are getting married thirty-two years to the date when I married my Queen, the mother of my two Beautiful girls and Grandmother to our four Grandchildren. What’s so cool about this is we too married twice.

The first time was at City Hall on Staten Island… and we went back to work the next day. That’s a whole story by itself. Now the second was on our wenty-fifth Anniversary 11-21-2008 ” and this time I wanted to this right. I don’t mean just get married in a church with a small reception here.

I’m talking about throwing the BIGGEST WEDDING every little girl dreams about and her parents. This is how I did it. First, I had to buy her a diamond ring. I’m not talking about any ring either. I took my time doing research on-line.

I wanted to learn as much as I could about diamonds…even where they came from. I also learn about Blood Diamonds. The blood diamond workers in Africa are mostly under thirty years old, including children, which just sickens my stomach.

Approximately three millions of people were dead attributed to conflict diamond mining and the average of daily cost is about $0.07 per day if they are lucky, according to the Conflict Diamond Statistics whose sources are the World Bank, the United Nations and the Kimberly Process in 2/16/2012.

Just to be clear here, I copied and paste this info from a site. So when I picked out the diamond I wanted, I demanded to see the certificate that the diamond I purchased was not in fact a Blood Diamond in any way. They produced it and I was satisfied.

So now I had this beautiful diamond in my hand and now I had to do something that I always wanted to do…ask her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage. That’s right….old school style. So when we went to Florida back in 2007, I sat with her dad the following morning having coffee together when I asked permission to married his little girl.

We denied him of every moment a dad dreams of…walking Daddy’s first-born and little girl down the aisle. So I wanted to do this right. First, I started off by apologizing to him for denying his special moment in life, even though he had walked both his other two Beautiful daughter’s, walking your first-born has a special feeling to it….it’s your first-born!

Then I asked permission to marry his daughter as a future husband should, and said to me how proud he was for having me as a son in law and was happy for both of us how we made a good life with each other, then said yes. We hugged and I thanked him.

Now my mother in law is a different story. I show up to her house on Staten Island after working the day tour and gave her a nice beautiful speech how we denied her the same way. But when I asked her permission to marry Donna I didn’t get the same response as I did with her ex husband.

She just looked stared at me for a moment, takes a drag from her cigarette then  puts it out in the ashtray and say’s to me…Your Already Married! I love my mother in law dearly and we have history together. Face it, besides my Queen, she was the only one that believed in me that I would be a Police Officer one day when everyone else had their doubts.

She is also very beautiful for her age and Donna looks just like her. In guys world, we always look at the mother of our girlfriends and get an idea what they will look like many years down the road…Don’t be hating now…that’s what us guys do.

Many won’t admit it but most of us do. Anyway, after her smart ass response she did say yes and we hugged. Now for the big one. I had to think of something special to do when I ask Donna for her hand in marriage for the second time. But this time, it was going to be not only special but EPIC, and I thought of something so romantic and from my heart that she will never forget for the rest of her life.

Hands Off He’s Mine

I wanted to share just a short one that  happened before I even liked Donna or had any interest in her. One hot Saturday afternoon in August, I was working with my younger brother Timmy down the auto wrecking yard loading transmissions onto a wooden pallet to be shipped out, when I saw Donna pull up behind the back of the main building in her Trans am with another girl in the passenger side.

As they both got out, I turned to my brother and asked him who was that girl Donna was with? He stopped for a second as he looked over my head and said that was Donna’s sister Lisa. All I could think of was how hot she was. I was 19, so I figured she looked like 15 or 16, but still very pretty and caught my attention.

Donna  was talking to one of the workers before walking over where my brother and I were working to say hello before entering  through the big open gates to the main building , I turned to my brother and told him that Donna sister was hot and asked if she had a boy friend which he had no idea if she did.

But that didn’t really matter if she did, because I always joked with all the girls I would meet and always asked if they had boy friends. If they responded that they did, I would always follow-up with that’s OK because I wasn’t the jealous type. It always got a smile or a giggle from them…but to be honest…I wasn’t joking…I really didn’t care if any of them had boy friends.

If I liked you, I would do my best to convince them why they should be with me…which didn’t always work. Now, little did I know, but  when Donna and I were seeing each other, she admitted to me that on that day, Lisa had asked about me and wanted to know who I was.

Donna grabbed Lisa by the throat and threw her against the wall knocking over a big shelf filled with car parts, and with a deep scary voice right out of the movie The Exorcist said this….HANDS OFF, HE’S MINE!!!

Ok…I do tend to get carried away and it wasn’t that dramatic, but she did tell Lisa that. So you see, without me knowing, like a wolf marking her territory, Donna must have snuck up at some time without me noticing her and urinated on my leg ….and I guess Lisa backed off. Who knew that the boss’s daughter had her eye’s set on me with pure lust, way before mine were ever set on her…..

Lady and The Tramp (Part 2)

Ok…I left you hanging long enough, so I will finish this love story I started to share with you all a while back ago. Now, I already had a girlfriend at the time when I met my future Queen and mother of my 2 Beautiful girls at the auto wrecking yard, so I decided to look through my rear view mirror to see if she was looking back at me.

I think she was, but then again, my brother was standing besides her and she could have been looking at him while chatting. But I like to believe she was looking at me and lets leave that as so. As I was driving on the Staten Island Expressway on my way home from work, I put on some Barry Manilow  in the cassette player and the song “I want to Do It”  started playing.

At that moment, I started smiling…I was thinking of Donna. Even when I got home where I was living with my childhood best friend’s family, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Honestly, she was on my mind till I went to sleep. I knew by the next morning, when I would see her by the coffee truck at 7:45, I was going to ask her in a cool way of cause, when her birthday was.

So the very next morning, I woke up in a really good mood. The next morning, I woke up with you know who on my mind. I already have a girlfriend, so why was I thinking of my boss’s daughter so much in a 24 hour period? Who cares…I was never really faithful with any of my girl friends at that time, so the guilt trip I was feeling only lasted about…well…let see.

By the time I gotten out of bed and went in the bathroom to brush my teeth…the guilt trip was gone. I couldn’t wait to get to work and hang about inside the front of the building looking like I was already on the job setting up tires, just to see her through the big front window and watch her pull up in her Trans Am or in her grand mother’s gold Dodge Dart with her dad.

She would get out of her car and walk towards the main entrance where one day, would be the very spot I would get on my knees and ask her to marry me for our 25th Anniversary. She saw me standing by the tire racks to the right of the office, and walked over to say hello. I played it up pretty good pretending I was working and exchanged small talk.

As she walked away…guess what I was doing….Damn right…I was checking her out. She was wearing a black suede blazer, a white and red strip blouse with  dark tight Sassoon jeans…Oooooohhhhh Yeaaaaah!!! She was smoking hot and Beautiful. This morning could get even better if I see her at the coffee truck

I was moving car parts onto a pallet when that familiar sound of a horn blasting away letting us all know working down the yard that the coffee truck was here. As I made my way up to it, it was already crowded with all the guys getting their breakfast when there goes Donna and her aunt making their way to the truck themselves.

I was ready to make my move as soon as she stands waiting for her tea. As I said hello again, she did ask me how was my birthday. I couldn’t have planned it any better…I told her it was just fine and asked her right out when her was. She tells me it was in two weeks, on the 17th. Now, I don’t recall my exact words, but I did say something about sharing the same zodiac sign.

 Anyway, she went back inside and I went back to our work to have my coffee and butter roll. All I could think of next was how to ask her out for her birthday. Not for nothing, but she did mention that she had a boy friend…but that was ok with me…because I wasn’t the jealous type….yet. What we been doing was talk to each other every once in a while and she would make fun of me of my height.

Because my foster-brother Barry was standing 6-4 and my brother Tim was like 6 feet and here I am just 5-8. I was fine with the teasing from her. Anyone else. I wouldn’t have it. Then one day about a week before her birthday, at the end of the day, I had left an envelope with a Birthday card inside on the driver side of her Trans Am that read…Do you know what Good Girls get on their Birthday…and on the bottom I wrote… A Candle Light Dinner for Two…if you like….from Mike (Shorty)…and drove away.

I waited till that Friday to do that because her Birthday was the following week. The next Monday, when she came in to work, she was standing by the side exit of the main office and waved me over. I stopped what I was doing, and made my way up to her as she met me half way with a big smile on my face.

She then started poking me on my chest lightly saying to me that she didn’t know that I liked her… What could I say…I did and a lot. We teased each other then went back to work. As I was walking back down the dirt  path, I looked back to see her and as she was walking back to her office, she had turned around right before she open the side door and turned back and we both just looked at each other….and smiled. Little did she know, but as we both exchanged smiles, under my breath I said…Your going to be mine one day.